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Authentic Ways to Get More Instagram Followers July 12, 2018

Has your brand realized any positive returns on Instagram? Is the brand following on the platform big enough to drive traffic that converts to your landing pages?

If you can’t get a straight answer in the affirmative to these questions, then you need to learn how to get real followers on Instagram. The bigger the audience grows the more chances you have to engage with users and create experiences with them.

Let us look at how to build an audience to drive traffic to your landing pages.

Optimize Your Account

Since more than 48 million users on Instagram are fake, having a drab bio can tell the potential followers that you might be fake and they might end up ignoring your profile altogether.

What you need is to dazzle them with your bio – right from the profile picture to the description. Think of the bio as your homepage, and make it stand out from the rest.

Without the right bio, how do people know that the account belongs to you? Without a link to the landing page, will you be able to redirect traffic to your site? If you aren’t sure of the link, then try out a link to a product page that you wish your users to follow.

Additionally, make sure your username is as search-friendly as it can ever be. The longer the business name is, the harder is it for the audience to get you. So, shorten your name to something that the audience will recognize and work with. Avoid the use of special characters because they go ahead to confuse your users further.

Stay Consistent

The worst mistake you can do when looking for more Instagram followers is to post content on an irregular basis. If you have a ton of followers on your account already, you need to make sure you maintain them. Don’t give them a reason to start wondering why they started following you in the first place.

To handle this, make sure you post at regular times. As a brand, you don’t need to post more than twice a day to get the visibility you desire. Instead, post once or twice, but make sure you have the best content to attract more followers and retain the existing ones.

Use a Growth Service

One of the best ways to get authentic followers is to use a reputable growth service such as Upleap. The service boasts of using humans to grow your accounts, as documented on The Small Business Blog. Read more on this tool before you go ahead and use it to grow your account.

The growth service you choose needs to be user-friendly and have various options. Choose the options depending on your goals and needs.

Schedule Content in advance

The Instagram algorithm has changed a lot of things in terms of posting and engagement. However, it is common knowledge that posting at the right time can give you a lot of visibility.

Once you understand the right time to post content, you can use an automated tool to schedule the content so that you don’t miss out on any.

By scheduling the content, the marketing team can know what the campaign looks like, and you can maintain a constant flow of content over a certain period. You also don’t run out of ideas easily when you have time to come up with new content.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting authentic followers the right way, you need to take time to understand what you want and go after it. Use the right growth service as well, and schedule your posts to get the best out of them.

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