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Tips to Extend your Pet’s Life December 17, 2018

What if you could find a way to lengthen your beloved Chihuahua’s life? It would put a smile on your face, right? Okay, you can’t determine when your canine will die, but you can improve her living conditions and hope that she will be with you a little bit longer. These tips will help you get started.

Invest in the Right Pet Accessories

Your dog or cat needs a clean place to sleep. The feeding bowl must be big enough. More than that, your puppies requires a kennel where they can spend quiet time chewing or resting. In short, you must provide your pets with the right accessories if you want to prolong their life. The idea is to make sure that your animal leads a comfortable life. Visit petnap.co.uk to discover essential items you should get for your furry friend, ranging from whelping boxes to heated beds and anything in between.

Feed Your Pet on a High-Quality Diet

Indeed, the food that goes through your animal’s mouth matters. You should, therefore, make sure that you feed your dog or cat with a high-quality diet for healthy skin, shiny hair coat and bright eyes. Moreover, proper nutrition can help improve your canine’s immune system and boost your animal’s mental health. What’s more? It helps keep muscles and joints healthy while enhancing digestion.

Ensure That your Pet Remains Lean

Just like human beings, overweight pets are at constant risk of a variety of health issues. Statistics indicate that obesity is a significant cause of nutritional diseases. Plus, repeated studies suggest that your dog or cat is likely to die sooner if he or she is obese. Why? Well, packing more weight can cause diabetes, joint disease, and diabetes to mention but a few.

Take Your Pet to the Vet on a Regular Basis

Your furry friend requires regular vet care. See, a visit to the veterinary in most cases involves more than routine vaccination. A checkup can help uncover health conditions that you may not be aware of. And, the sooner your pet gets diagnosed, the higher the chances of success with the treatment. You may have to pay more for the medicines, but it will go a long way in extending your animal’s life.

Clean Your Pet’s Mouth

Dental health is essential when it comes to your pet. Oral health or dental disease issues can make it difficult for your animal to eat. It can aggravate into severe conditions such as kidney or heart disease if left untreated. The easiest way to ensure that your pet has a clean mouth is to brush his or her teeth at home on a regular basis. Or, you can opt for treats, toys and dental diets.

The Bottom Line

You only need to put some extra effort to give your pet the life it deserves. On top of that, never allow your canine to roam around unsupervised. You want to keep him her safe from dangers such as motor accidents, predation, poison, and contagious diseases.

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How to Prepare your Dog to Give Birth October 3, 2017

Dog to Give Birth

If you were to get pregnant, you could ask your mother, sisters, and friends how to prepare. Your doctor would be a great resource, and you could bet you could find nearby childbirth classes. But when your dog gets pregnant, you may find yourself at a loss for what to do. You may not know anyone whose canine companion has given birth. So what do you do when you’re preparing your dog for motherhood?

1.) Talk to your veterinarian

Your veterinarian can advise you on how many puppies to expect and on whether or not there are special considerations for your particular dog breed. They are also the best resource on any particular dog foods you should be feeding your dog up to and after birth.

Make sure you ask what their emergency hours are, if any. If they don’t have emergency hours, ask who you can contact in the area if there are complications during whelping. Although most births can be handled at home, you’ll want someone to contact if your dog is struggling to or if one of the puppies is sick or injured when they come into this world.

2.) Prepare your home

You’ll want to get a whelping box so that your dog and her puppies can be comfortable during the birthing process. It’s important that the box has enough room for the whole family to rest in comfortably. Encourage the mom to nap in the box regularly, and make sure she seems comfortable there. You’ll want to make sure that this is her go-to place when she’s ready to give birth. For whelping boxes, whelping kits, and heated pet beds, check out Pet Nap.

Once the puppies start exploring, you’ll also want to ensure you can keep them contained to one area of your home. You may find that baby gates are the best way to enclose them. Remember that puppies aren’t born house-trained, and be sure to lay out plenty of newspapers for easy clean-up.

3.) Prepare your family

This is especially important if you have young children. Although it’s great for them to be excited about the incoming puppies, make sure they know that the mother will need some space during labor and shortly after. New mothers are instinctively protective of their young, so you’ll want to give her room to feel secure.

A litter of puppies can also be a lot of work. They need to be kept warm and fed regularly. If one of them is undersized at birth, you may have to supplement the food its mother is providing.

4.) Understand the needs at birth

Puppies are born in a thin membrane which needs to be broken shortly after birth. If the membrane isn’t broken, the puppies will suffocate. Although the mother should instinctively break this herself, you’ll want to be on hand to assist if she doesn’t or if she looks to be having difficulties. Make sure you have gloves ready, and that you remain calm while you assist so that she doesn’t think you are hurting her puppy.

Each puppy will be attached to its mother by an umbilical cord. The mother may chew through this cord herself, but if she does not, you’ll want to cut it and tie it off. And just like with human pregnancies, don’t forget about the after birth! Placentas can be safely disposed of.

After puppies are born, you’ll want to move them to a warm area. You can provide this either with heating lamps or with a heated bed. Wherever you move them to, make sure it’s within the mother’s line of vision.

5.) Stay calm

Instinct will prepare your dog for the birth of her litter. Keep in mind that she knows what to do to ensure her puppies are safe, and her instincts will take over as soon as she goes into labor. Although it’s important to be on hand if she needs you, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful miracle that is birth.

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