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What You Should Expect When Joining a Boxing Gym August 11, 2017

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Do you get nervous when you think about joining a boxing gym? If you are, that is understandable! There are many people who want to learn how to box but are too scared to go to their local boxing gym and set up a meeting with a trainer. It’s understandable, no one wants to be the new guy on the block, especially in a boxing gym where the probability of getting punched in the face is almost certain.

So, if you want to join a white collar boxing gym, here are a few tips to keep in mind when going to a boxing gym for the first time.

7 Tips to Consider When Going to a Boxing Gym

Before we get into the tips, the best piece of advice that you are going to hear is not to go to a boxing gym until you believe you’re ready. So, to help you get ready, here are some great tips for you to follow:


    1. Understand that you probably won’t be fighting on your very first day. It’s likely going to take at least a couple weeks before your coach lets you fight for the first time. The coach will observe you and watch your progress through your training before putting you in a situation that you aren’t ready for. If for some reason your coach wants you to fight on your very first day, walk out the door and never look back.


    1. Practice wrapping your hands. Before you go to a boxing gym, you should have some idea of how to wrap your hands. Trainers and coaches don’t want to have to teach you how to do this at the start of every workout. Learning this at home is very easy. All you need to do is buy some hand wraps and do some research online on how to properly wrap your hands. Showing up to your first training session prepared is always a great way to impress your coach.


    1. Practice some basic techniques at home. Again, it’s easy to practice some of the basics at home. Practice how to stand, punch, and move on your own. You don’t need to be perfect at it, the coach is there to help you perfect your technique. But having a basic understanding before you go is always advisable.


    1. Work on your conditioning. Boxing is a very physically demanding sport. It’s intense, you’re always moving, you need to be in good shape if you want to succeed. If you are overweight, you’re going to have a rough time on your first day and you will make a bad first impression on everyone at that gym. Before walking into a gym where you’ll learn how to fight, you first need to walk into a gym to improve your fitness.


    1. Learn how to jump rope. This is touching a little bit more on the previous point of improving your fitness level. We’ve all seen the boxing movies of the athletes jumping rope for hours on end. Well, if you want to join a boxing gym, you’ll likely be doing the same thing. So, it’s advisable that you learn how to jump rope so you’re not tripping over the rope every few seconds.


    1. Consider buying some of your own equipment. If you really want to show the coaches that you are serious about learning how to box, getting some used equipment is a great way to do it. The basics that you’ll need are hand wraps, a jump rope, a gym bag, some gloves, and a water bottle. Any regular gym clothes will work just fine for boxing.


  1. Show up with a good attitude. Don’t walk into a boxing gym doubting yourself, that is setting yourself up for failure. Before you go in there, you need to be mentally ready for what’s about to happen. If you go in there with the wrong mindset, there’s a good chance that your first time will be your last. The first day in a boxing gym is usually not a good experience. You’re going to feel somewhat inadequate, or unimportant at first. But, if you can push through that first day, it only gets better from there.
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