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Tips for Cooking on a Camping Trip June 20, 2018

Going camping is a dream come true for most families, but things start getting thick when the time comes to cook. Many families who do not have experience with camping end up making mistakes that ruin the whole trip. Today we look at the various tips for cooking while on a camping trip.

Have Everything Ready

You need to pack all the essentials such as stews, soups and chilli. Make sure you freeze these and then place them in a cooler. All you need to do when you feel hungry is fire up the stove and reheat them. To make such food more efficient, you should make sure you choose foods with a long shelf life such as soups.

Make a list of all the things that you need in terms of supplies, tools and equipment so that you do not miss even one. If this is your first camping trip, you need to talk to one of your friends who have the experience to help you. Additionally, you can go to any of the camping websites to get information about their experience on the trip.

Try to Keep the Food Cold

Heat makes food go bad faster, which is why you need to keep the food cold. Keeping food cold makes it fresh for a longer period. You can carry the portable cooler with you when you go on the trip.

Some cars come with the ability to charge the portable cooler, which is a good option when you are planning to stay in the wild for a little bit longer.

You also need to keep the food in the cooler sealed tight in airtight bags. An automatic sealing machine can do this for you.

To keep the ice much longer, try to keep it as a block as compared to breaking it into smaller pieces.

Many campers carry frozen, canned food to the camping site and forget to freeze other foods. If this is the case, then use the canned food to keep the food cool.

Food Storage

Make sure you have a way to store the food while camping. Storing food prevents animals and insects from accessing it.

First, try to cover the pots when you cook outdoors. This way, the food gets done much quicker, and you will be able to save a lot in terms of fuel. Additionally, this will keep the insects and dirt from the food. Remember that hygiene is still paramount when you are camping, do not just practice it at home and forget it when you get to the camping site.

To keep the animals from coming to your tent, you need to keep the food stored some yards from the tent. You can even hang the storage containers a few feet from the ground so that even if you have unwanted visitors in the night, they cannot grab your stash.

You need to keep soups and chillies in sealed bags. Freeze these bags before you place them in the cooler. For matches, you can dip them in a container with wax so that you cover them up. Whenever you need a matchstick, all you have to do is to scrape off the matches and then light it up.

Forgot the Sticky Pan?

If you carried a non-sticky pan or the grill is non-sticky, use some oil to prevent the food from sticking to the surface. Another option is to make sure you only carry cooking equipment with non-stick surfaces.

Carry Canned Food

Canned food is the saviour for most of the campers. This is because the cans make it easier for you to access readymade, nutritious food especially when you get hungry.

However, the cans are not easy to open as it seems. Homeowners opt for uncanny ways to do this, including using nails and knives, which is a bit tricky. What you need is a can cutter from Can Cutters to give you access to the delicious meal within. Get the right cutter depending on your needs and budget.

Final Thoughts

You need to enjoy your camping trip. The trip is not all about bonding, but you also need to enjoy the food that you have struggled to cook. With these tips, you can enjoy your food deep into the unknown.

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Tips to Lower your Homeowners Insurance Costs June 8, 2018

Just like the price of gas and groceries, your home insurance premiums will keep going up. In fact, home insurance premiums have gone up by more the 50% in the last decade alone. The explanation behind this is quite straightforward; as your property gains value, repair or replacement costs increase as well. However, there are few tweaks you can do to your policy to keep the soaring premiums under control;

Increase Your Deductible

You will pay more for your homeowner’s insurance policy if the deductible is higher. Be sure to ask your insurance agent what’s the highest amount of deductible you can pay. While raising the amount of deductible will lower the premium, make sure that you can afford to pay the premium if a disaster strikes. Some insurers won’t take up your claim unless you pay the deductible.

Make Your Home “Safer”

Make some reinforcement to your home to increase its ability to hold up against disasters such as storm, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Add storm shutters, reinforce the roof, retrofit an older home to resist earthquakes can save you money on insurance costs.

Also, hire a plumbing and heating company to service your pipes, check your solar panels and insulate your home properly. On that note, visit ecoheatplumbing.co.uk and check out EcoHeat, one the best heating and plumbing service providers in Balham, South West London. Other than that, If you reside in a hurricane prone area, erecting water barriers, anchoring the floor and adding approved gable ends will attract premium discounts.

Shop for Discounts

One of the easiest ways to cut your home insurance premiums is by shopping for discounts.  Different insurance companies will offer varying rates, and you may want to compare quotes. Consider getting online insurance quotes as well to see which company saves you the most money.

Insure Only What’s Necessary

Make sure that review your policy on every renewal. This will help you eliminate unnecessary coverage based on the happenings of the previous insurance period. However, always make sure that the policy covers for replacement of your property and contents.

Have Your Policies Under One Company

Pooling all your insurance policies under one company will attract you discounts. Be sure to check with your insurer about consolidating your plans and the premium it draws.

Take Advantage of the No Claim Discount

Most companies will offer discounts on premium if you haven’t claimed for the past insurance period.  Ask your agent or the company about no claim discount every time you’re renewing your policy.

And in conclusion, improve your credit score. Your credit is not only crucial to lending institutions but also to your insurance company. Your insurer will look at your score, and if it’s terrible, your premium will be higher. You can clean your credit by lowering debt to income ration and pay off your credit card bills.

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Instagram Travel Marketing Expert Tips April 7, 2018

Instagram has been around for a more than a decade. Initially, it started as an image-sharing platform for people to share images with their peers and colleagues. Over the years, the platform has come up as one of the top favourite sites for businesses to build their brands.

As a travel marketer, your role is to tell more people to a given destination or to sell a service or a product that is related to a destination. It gives you a lot of potential as a marketer.

However, before you can make full use of this app, you need to learn something from the top players that are reaping the fruits of using Instagram.

Emphasize on User-generated Content

Most marketers think that they must have a huge budget to make it on Instagram – false. All you need is a way to get people to your account, and you will be off to a good start.

One of the ways to encourage more user-generated content is to be consistent in your posting as well. You can do this by automating all your Instagram activities such as posting, liking, commenting and more. Automation is all about getting the right tool to handle all these activities on your behalf. SWS Mag gives you the different options to consider when choosing the right tool.

Highlight Other Areas of Your Brand

High-quality travel photos sell easily on Instagram, but you shouldn’t neglect other aspects of your brand. Many companies take to Instagram and lose themselves in the images, and forget about so many other things that make Instagram marketing a success.

One of the top aspects you need to consider is the use of your link to redirect people to your landing page. Before you can create the link, you need to understand what you are looking for on Instagram. If you have come to promote a service, then make sure the landing page allows users to sign up for the service through a form.

If, on the other hand, you are selling products related to travel, then your landing page needs to display the various products that you sell and their prices.

If you are an airline, you can focus on different aspects of travelling, such as recovery of lost luggage or come up with a story on how to travel with kids.

Leverage the Power of Hashtags

Instagram has several options to use in order to make hashtags work for you. Hashtags help users get your content, and allow you to get relevant content that you can share and repost.

There are various types of hashtags for you to use, including location, niche-specific, user-specific and more. Make use of these hashtags to get people to follow, and attract people to your page as well.

Final Words

Travelling comes with lots of experiences that you can share. Many of the users on Instagram are looking for an authoritative voice in the travelling niche. The voice they look for is all about getting to know what unique experiences you offer as a travel agent or as an influencer.

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9 Reasons to Travel to Mongolia Now October 5, 2017

Travel to Mongolia

Many tourists often prefer traveling to Russia and China, rather than Mongolia. Not many people know about Mongolia. Still relatively unaffected by modern life, Mongolia offers tourists a real experience about living off the grid. However, a gradually increasing number of tour companies are making it simpler to traverse this massive wilderness. From exploring the Gobi Desert and the vast steppes to meeting Mongol nomads, here are 9 reasons why you should include tours in Mongolia on your bucket list.

Lots of sunshine

Just so you know, Mongolia has about 250 days of sunshine throughout the year. So, it’s unsurprising that the country is referred to as “Land of Blue Sky”.

Despite the long, tough winters and short summers, seeing a blue sky on your trip is definitely enjoyable. And it’s just not about the photos.

Wide open spaces

Tired of mass tourism and crowds? Well, Mongolia has very few people per square mile (just over 4 people). In fact, it’s the world’s most sparsely populated country. When you traverse Mongolia, there’ll be plenty of times you won’t see anyone. In fact, you’re more likely to see horses and goats than people. Now that’s heaven, isn’t it?

Breathtaking outdoors

It’s surprising for many people, but Mongolia has an incredibly varied landscape: the Gobi desert’s sand dunes, the Altai Mountains, fresh water lakes, forests, and the expansive grasslands that cover more than 50% of the terrain. There are many different landscapes in the country. It’s a true paradise for those who love photography and the outdoors. Not to mention the wonderful stars you can see at sunset, far away from electricity and civilization.


Mongolia is a must travel destination for wildlife lovers. In the south, you’ll be able to see camels. If you want to see eagles and reindeer, you can head to the west and north respectively. There are plenty of species of wild animals in the country, such as the two-humped wild camel, Przewalksi wild horse, and Gobi desert bear.

Road trips

If you’re adventurous and love load trips, Mongolia is perfect for you. Without any form of GPS and not many paved roads, there are countless chances to take the less traveled road. Chances that you’ll be alone on the road are pretty high.

Lack of tourists

Relatively untouched by modern-day life, Mongolia is not a well-known travel destination yet. This allows visitors to learn more about the traditional way of life of Mongolians without large crowds of travelers. However, Mongolia is an emerging nation with more tour operators and flights coming up. Visit as soon as possible to sample the pure landscapes before others figure them out.

Nomadic cultures

Mongolia has one of the oldest nomadic cultures in the world, and the nomads still stay in traditional tents called yurts or gers. Approximately 4 in 10 Mongolians are nomadic herders. Tourists get the chance to stay with Mongol nomads, learn about the traditional daily life of Mongolians first-hand, and sleep in yurts.

Unique gastronomy

While not everyone is a fan of the Mongolian cuisine, it’s very special and unique. Starchy carbs and animal fats are available everywhere. The food is meat and milk-based and it’s derived from camels, goats, sheep, horses, and yaks. Don’t expect lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is an experience you don’t want to miss.

The festivals

You can soak up Mongolia’s history and culture by visiting during the yearly Naadam Festival, which is held every July. The festival involves some of the greatest and most traditional features of Mongolian culture, such as horse races, archery, wrestling competitions, culinary offerings, and cultural performances. Mongolia also holds parties and feasts to celebrate New Year.

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