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How to Deal with Broken Cars September 4, 2017

Whether it’s buyer’s remorse or simply a car that no longer works, there are many options for you to deal with an unwanted car.


So often we’re told to hang onto an item “just in case,” or that it’s wasteful if we get rid of it.


However, what’s worse is keeping something without using it. If the item doesn’t make you happy, you shouldn’t keep it. I’m not a minimalist, but that’s common sense.

Holding onto things as they pile up clutters your home and your mind. Most people don’t even realize the subconscious stress they’re putting on themselves.

So, regarding the car, you need to figure out why you haven’t gotten rid of the car. This may be due to sentimental feelings, laziness, an inability to let go of things, or simply not knowing about available solutions.

Do you have a non-operational vehicle taking up precious space in your driveway or street? If such an eyesore has been like that for over six months, it’s probably time to give it a new home. Your neighbors and family members will thank you for it. Plus, you’ll feel so much better.


I used to have a car that didn’t work.

I kept telling myself one day I’d get around to getting it fixed up and running. Months went by, I got busy because other things were more important, and the car remained in the same spot.

Each day I’d walk past that car, bothered by its presence, but not bothered enough to do anything about it at the moment. All the while, resentment and guilt gradually grew inside me. It affected me without me even being aware of it.

Finally, I had to get rid of it because I needed parking space for a party I was throwing. By this point, I was tired of looking at it, and the party was the catalyst I needed. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control force us to act.

I considered selling it, but that would take too long. I needed a faster solution, which is how I knew that I want to scrap my car.


If you need to get rid of a car quickly like I did or are honest enough to admit that you won’t get it fixed, consider the scrap option.

Some companies will even retrieve the car from your location so you don’t have to tow it anywhere. Prices are usually fair as well. Best of all, you don’t have to pay any fees.

I appreciated not having to deal with anything other than providing the car information and accepting the payment.

If you have thought about scrapping your car, but just couldn’t accept the amount offered, another option is to donate your vehicle. Many charities or non-profits will gladly accept it. Plus, you’ll know you did a good deed. Depending on your location, there may be other benefits as well, so look into donating your car.

But if you are attached to the car, the only other solution I can offer is fixing it so that you can use it. No matter how much you care about an item, it needs to provide value to you in some way.


Think about the items that you reach for first and love using.

Now think about the things that you only use if you didn’t have any other options. The first group of items are the ones that are most valuable because of how much you enjoy them, while the latter group is for the things that you could do without.

Let’s go back to the car issue. If you plan on keeping it for a long time as a collector’s item, then you definitely need to fix it up and house it in a better location. A showpiece needs to look like it, so not only does it need to run well, it also needs to have the care and attention of something precious.

Regardless of the method you choose to deal with a vehicle, it’s important to remember the result that you want. Once you’ve decided, you need to execute as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less likely you’ll be to act on the decision.

Human behavior is quite fascinating. If you can figure out why you do certain things and the triggers that affect you, your life will infinitely improve.

This article is about a car that needs to be dealt with, but it’s also an invitation to self-reflect and learn more about how you make decisions. So, how will you take action on that broken car in your life?

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