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How to Generate More Traffic for Your Website or Blog from Instagram July 13, 2018

Instagram has grown to more than 800 million unique users each month, who generate millions of likes each day. What is more impressive is that this app has not been around for more than two decades.

Businesses know that they need to be right where their consumers are. Instagram has been able to capitalize on this fact, and it goes ahead to give businesses access to millions of consumers who are ready to listen to what they have to say each day. This is important to many businesses, established and start-ups.

But you can only stand out in your niche if you get the traffic off Instagram and onto your website, where the audience can now browse what you offer and buy. Here are a few ways to get users to your landing page effortlessly.

Deliver Great Content

Only great content can win the audience and make them click on your website. The images you come up with need to be clear and in line with what the audience wants. Remember that you need to connect with the audience at their level, not the level that you wish they can get to. This is why many professional posts go ignored because the user cannot connect to it.

To offer such content, try to be human on the platform. You need to understand what the users want and provide it in such a way that they will want to read more from you.

Additionally, don’t give your audience fake promises. If you can solve their problems, then do it in one post, not a series because many don’t want to sit and wait.

Go for Video

At the moment, 99 percent of users have smartphones that fit in their back pockets. These gadgets come with high-resolution cameras that can take good quality videos effortlessly. All the user needs to do is to take out the camera, take a video and upload it to the platform.

As easy as this process is, many brands are overlooking the power of videos when it comes to Instagram marketing. Brands that have embraced the use of the video have seen double the number of likes and followers on Instagram; you too can get such results if you use videos the right way. With an increase in the number of followers comes a high engagement level.

Change the Link Regularly

Instagram allows you to place a link in your bio so that you can redirect users to a specific page on the website. Many brands use a single link that becomes boring with time. Your audience is after variety, and if you can offer this, then you are on the way to Instagram Stardom. Make sure the links point to different pages each week so that you allow your audience to check out different areas of the website easily.

Use Automation

One of the ways to become, and stay popular on Instagram is to get as many likes as you can. You can get likes with the right content, but you might not achieve your target. Using automatic Instagram likes providers helps you fill in the remainder of the likes to achieve this target.

LikeSocial, which has been extensively reviewed on Income Artist, helps you get the automatic likes that you desire to achieve your goal.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting your audience off Instagram to buy items, you need to be tactical and timely. Make sure you deliver content that the audience loves, and take time to find the right links that lead the user to a page where they can act.

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