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How to Make your Wedding Shoes More Comfortable December 3, 2018

Your wedding shoes have to be comfy. See, you’re going to spend a significant amount of time on your feet during the ceremony. And, the last thing that you want is a pair of shoes that will leave you with blisters or worsen your calluses. How are you even going to hit the dance floor if your boots don’t allow you to? Speaking of dance floors, if your ceremony is at At location in North West, consider checking out James Barlow, one of the finest wedding singers in the United Kingdom. That way, you can rest assured you’ll have lots of fun on the floor.

Moving on, here’s how to ensure that you’re shoes are as comfortable as possible.

Invest in Quality

This is where it all starts. You should invest in a high-quality pair of shoes from the very beginning. Your pair of shoes will last longer if they are good quality. Buy one that is in line with your needs and daily use. If you want a wedding shoe, order a pair designed for that purpose. Of course, you are better off with a leather shoe.

Protect the Soles

The soles of your shoes are likely to get worn out faster than any other part due to the constant contact with the ground. Thus, you need to protect the soles to make your shoes last longer. Consider finding protectors online such as Kiix for high heels and protector for sneakers. Also, don’t use a machine to clean your shoes. Stuff them with newspaper cuttings to help maintain their shape and prevent odor as well as dry rot.

Buff and Shine Your Shoes

Ensure that your shoes are sparkling by buffing and shining them a day before the wedding. Start by wiping them and apply polish all around. Once the polish has dried out, be sure to buff them using an old t-shirt or a rag. Constant polishing and buffing may increase your shoe’s longevity significantly. Moisturize them while you are at it as well. Moisturizing applies to leather shoes and will help shield them from cracking due to weather elements. Invest in a good quality shoe cream to make the leather more durable.

Spray with a Water Repellent

Water is one of the outside factors that can quickly damage your weddings shoes. While it’s almost impossible to prevent water from coming into contact with your boots, you can protect them by spraying a water repellent. The repellent is particularly essential during winter or rainy days. Also, wash off any salt that may get on the shoes to prevent staining.

In conclusion, if your foot cannot slide into the shoe effortlessly, use a shoehorn. This will not only increase your shoe’s lifespan but also keep the collars in good condition. Plus, it will be a lot easier to wear them with the help of a shoehorn. On top of that, make sure that you buy a pair that fits your foot perfectly well. Whenever possible, go for ½ a size larger.

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