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How to Maximize Efficiency of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit September 11, 2017

Different parts of the globe do experience varying climatic conditions.

This is so unfortunate because most products regardless of the region of origin require almost the same storage requirement. That means that you will need a specially designed storage system for your products so as to preserve them. The storage units are not specifically intended for food product and cereals. They generally protect any of your items say furniture, electronics, art works, documents, and textiles; any of your particulars that require being stored in a less humid condition is well accommodated in these systems.

If you are to maximize the efficiency of your unit, then you have to make sure you insulate it properly. Actually, the rule is, insulate, insulate, insulate. This is the very primary requirement for any storage unit. Without insulation, external climatic conditions will heavily affect your possessions. Inadequate insulation means that you will go an extra cost to condition your facility and so, if you are concerned about saving costs, then do a proper insulation once and avoid the recurrent conditioning cost.

I know making one unit is not as simple as I put it. However, if you are a frequent user of storage units, it’s advisable that you have your own. If you are in Montgomery County and you are in need of a convenient rental facility to store your goods, visit storage units in Christiansburg VA, to learn more about where and how to safely secure your possession from the harsh climate. The facilities are accessible any time of the day with the facilities being regularly maintained to ensure the integrity and safe-keeping of your goodies.

Land has become very expensive nowadays, so it’s wise considering a multi-story facility for your storage needs. As a matter of fact, multi-story buildings allow for an even distribution of air conditioning load. How? During the warm climates, the lower floors gain a lot of heat from the surrounding hot air. On the other hand, the top floor will receive heat from the roof offering a balance in load for all your floors. The opposite is also true for cold climate. For story buildings, the middle floors will always require 25 percent less conditioning as compared to others meaning that story storage facilities can even go an extra extent in saving your coins than it would be for a single room.

If you are to save even more, consider making a perimeter wall to your premises. It must not necessarily be a wall, but you can even make buildings around the central storage unit. This way, you tend to reduce the heat load from the external climate by reducing the effect caused by winds. Also, depending on the nature of climate in your region, you may consider positioning air conditioning equipment, heat pumps and condensers either outdoor or indoors. This will depend on whether you require more cold or warm air into your system.

For proper functioning of your unit, design your air conditioning system to fit the heat load in your facility. I understand that this is a bit technical, but there are experts for this, always consult. Mostly, the efficiency of any unit is determined by the rate of insulation made and the sizing of the air conditioning systems.

Lastly, make fewer entrances doors to your facility. This will not only help in controlling dust, dirt, and insects but also helps in controlling humid air from entering the premises. Temperature is a factor of humidity, and so, if you intend to control temperature, you have to control humidity as well. It is worth noting that humidity is even more dangerous on product preservation as compared to temperature. This is because it results in mold and mildew formation, which are factors resulting in high deterioration rates to your products.

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