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Laser Engraved Gift Items: Creating Memories that Last August 2, 2018

Laser engraving is a well-known practice that you can use to cut any design into a hard object or surface. The process results in marks being formed due to the use of a laser beam from the machine. The outcome is a permanent mark that is aimed at creating a lasting memory.

You can gift the laser engraved items to your loved ones. You can decide to engrave the surface using symbols and words.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Surfaces

Laser engraving is ideal for a wide range of surfaces, both smooth and uneven ones. The good thing with using laser technology is that the whole process is contactless, meaning you don’t have to pass the pen over grooves as opposed to contact engraving technology.

Common materials that you can engrave words on include silver, gold and copper or any other suitable metal.

The process is also ideal for engraving glassware. Some of the gifts are made of glass, and laser engraving makes it possible to come up with designs on glass surfaces.

How Does It Work?

Laser engraving uses laser beams to make mark son surfaces. It uses a machine that emits laser beams. A big advantage of this technique is that there is no contact, which minimizes the rate of wear and tear.

Traditionally, the bot head on laser engraving machines had to be replaced regularly. This equipment doesn’t require any replacement of the head, due to the contactless operation. Additionally, the surface of the object isn’t damaged at all.

The use of laser beams makes the whole process precise and repeatable. The beams are ideal for small items that cannot be handled using other engraving techniques. The beams can adjust to less than 30 microns, and you can repeat the procedure to the same magnitude. This produces fine markings on smaller components.

This makes the use of laser suitable for the small gift items such as pens and key holders.

Item Focus: Laser Engraved Pens for Special Gift Items

One of the top gift items is the engraved pen. Giving your guests or employees pens with custom laser markings is a memorable way to pass on a message. Since the marks are laser engraved, they won’t wear off any time soon, and leave a permanent impression that you can use to exhibit the brand, and showcase your logo throughout the lifetime of the pen.

The process of engraving the pen is simple and easy, and it is mostly done on fountain pens. Using a beam of light, you create the marks on the surface that you have identified earlier on. The laser then transfers the marks to the surface using a computer-aided system. These pens are highly appreciated, and the client can present them during any occasion.

As the designer, you need a high-quality laser engraver from Needham Coding to deliver a high-quality design. You can come up with custom marks on single pens or a set.

These pens use simple marks that make them look classier. The use of the pens is a favourite in many businesses because they make the recipient feel appreciated, bringing about loyalty to the company. As the designer, work with the client to choose a pen that is appropriate for the event and make sure you consider the color of the pen since it represents the image of the brand.

Final Words

Laser engraving of gift items is one of the best ways to customize gifts for the recipients. The good thing about the procedure is that it can handle even the smallest items easily, and still leave visible marks on the items. However, you need the right type of laser engraving machine to pull the task off.

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