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Best Choice Products Black Pyramid Parrot Cage


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The Black Pyramid is an excellent parrot cage in just about every category. The cage itself is substantial and heavy so it gets high marks as a top notch enclosure, the accessories that are included are all well made and and useful (particularly the seed trays), and any bird will be thrilled with the perch inside the cage as well as the play-top area with perch and ladder. However, every bird won’t fit in this cage, it’s not big enough for large parrots and other birds with very wide wingspans. This one is far better suited for small to medium parrots who need some room to move around. The bigger birds will pick at the bars and, be advised, they will be able to plot an escape from the enclosure.

Plenty of Room for the Right Bird

As mentioned, this one is suitable for small to medium birds who will find plenty of space in this cage that measures 40” x 24″x 22″. The bars are about 4 mm thick and spaced just about an inch from one another and are non-toxic coated and finished which is essential for any good bird cage. There’s one wooden perch that sits inside the cage and the large front door has a push button door lock that snaps into place when shut. This is a great little feature because it thwarts even the most clever of birds from jimmying it open and getting out of this parrot cage for sale @ www.petssensation.com

The Pyramid

Your bird is going to love the rooftop party going on upstairs. There’s a ladder, a wooden perch, and dual stainless steel cups for food and water. It’s roomy enough to add some additional toys and playthings as well. Just set your bird up top and it’ll be hours of fun hanging out, looking around and interacting with you outside of the bars.

Summing Up

The Black Pyramid is a great addition to your home. Your bird will love it, the price is right as it retails for about $140 at most online retailers, and it’s even a cinch to assemble. It will end up being heavy once you get started you might want to get a second person with you to help out but the directions are easy to follow. It’s set on rolling casters which also lock in place, giving it a unique advantage over other cages on the market.