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Best Shark Navigator Cordless vacuum cleaner comparisons Review


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It doesn’t matter what anybody tells you, life these days is very hectic and it can be hard to grab even the smallest amount of time to put aside for the tasks that have been on your list for days. That is why it is always great when something comes into your life that can speed things up and make it all a little easier, and that is what we are here to do today! Our website gives you the best comparisons on vacuum cleaners, and today we will be taking a closer look at the Shark Navigator Cordless vacuum cleaner to see what it can do!

What features does this vacuum cleaner have?

Straight off the bat, the most important feature of this machine is the fact that it doesn’t have a feature that most other vacuums have, the cord! By being cordless the Shark gives you the ability to move freely from room to room and even up and down stairs, and as a result the amount of time you spend wrestling with your vacuum and therefore cleaning should halved! This machine is also very lightweight as it only weights in at 7.5 pounds, and with an extra large internal capacity, you’ll be able to vacuum every room in the house many times over before you need to clean out the dust cup.

What are the positive points to this machine?

The Sharks lightweight frame and its compact design make it a delight for people who struggle to manoeuvre a normal sized vacuum. Not only is it easy to move from location to location, this vacuum also works very well on different surfaces so it does not matter if your home has hardwood floors or carpet ones, there won’t be any dirt left on it by the time this machine has finished!

And what are the negative points as well?

Some customers who have previously used this vacuum have complained about its suction ability. They have said that when it is running over certain items like sand or even small pieces of paper, this vacuum has a tendency to suck them up and spit them back out later on during the cleaning session. This could be down to the speed of rotation of which the user has the vacuum set at, but it is something that is certainly worth keeping an eye on. Another small complaint that is worth bringing up is the fact that the batteries do not seem to last particularly well if you are having a long cleaning session.

What’s the conclusion?

For the sheer convivence of having no cord to limit your vacuuming abilities, and the fact that this machine is extremely lightweight and easy to transport around, you would have to say that it would be a sensible buy if you were looking for a new vacuum cleaner. However, the Shark is by no means perfect, so keep an eye out for the things mentioned above, but otherwise, happy vacuuming!