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Breville BEM 800XL Scraper Mixer Review

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Who would you most compare yourself to? Gordon Ramsey who can whip up a three course meal from a tin of beans, a packet of sugar and some chips, or a student who is completely clueless in the kitchen and thinks that that is a three course meal? Cooking is one of those things that you are either good at, or should be banned from doing for life because you’re a danger to yourself and others. Perhaps the hardest part of cooking is baking and yet it is the one that most people try to do. That’s why I am going to help you out and give you one little trick to make your baking life a lot easier. Let me introduce you to the Breville BEM 800XL mixer.

What does this mixer actually do?

You haven’t lived (or more accurately baked) until you’ve tried using a mixer in the kitchen. It makes things a lot easier and will save you so much time you won’t know what to do with it all! The Breville does this by utilizing a lot of different and exciting features, and the first of these is the specific planetary mixing motion which will ensure that all of your goods are mixed together well! The second feature it has is the loading sense technology with motor protector. This really is clever as the mixer knows how much you are putting into it and it will adjust its mixing techniques accordingly. Also included on this machine are the 12 speed electronic controls, the 10 minute timer with auto-off and the lift assist mixer head. All of this adds up to a very smart little mixer!

Will it look the part in my kitchen?

Yes. In all of the different mixers I have looked at I have not seen one which looks as nice as this does. Its fully stainless steel outer shell means that you will be proud and happy to show it off in your kitchen.

So what’s good about it?

You are getting an awful lot crammed into one little mixer. The Breville will do a lot more for you than most of its rivals and it will do it all whilst looking the part as well. Not only will it mix, but it also has smart technology which will make your life that little bit easier, and isn’t that all you really want in the kitchen?

That’s all well and good but what’s bad about it?

This machine seems to be very good but it is not perfect. Whilst it is an absolute superstar in most aspects, some people have complained that it struggles with the stodgier of recipes such as those for bread. This means that it is not the ideal mixer for this scenario and misses out on being Katie’s choice.

Conclude it all!

Unless you run a kitchen of 30 people then this blender will most probably suit your needs down to the ground. It is perfect for speeding up your baking and you won’t know how you ever lived without it before!