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Briggs and Riley Carry On Luggage Bag Review


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If you have been to an airport even once you will appreciate all of the benefits having a piece of carry on luggage can bring. There will be no waiting around at baggage reclaim and it’s smaller and lighter to carry. If I can avoid taking a big suitcase to the airport then I will and this is where carry on luggage comes and saves the day. You need these bags to be strong, robust, and easy to carry all whilst looking good as nobody wants to be the person lugging a luminous yellow case around the place! That is why in today’s review we are going to be looking at the Briggs and Riley Carry on luggage and seeing if it can tick all of the aforementioned boxes!

What are the features? 

As soon as you look at this carry on case you know you are looking at something which is of the top quality. The 100% nylon outer shell means that it is tough and that it will still let the contents of your bag breath to avoid the crinkles and creases you will get with some other cases. The inside is lined by fabric to avoid any pulling of t shirts and jumpers so you know that when you arrive in the Bahamas your floral shirt will be all ready to go! It has well constructed zippers on both the main body of the case and the outer accessory pouches so there’s no danger of anything falling out, and sitting at 21 inches high, there is plenty of room in there too! You will be able to breeze through the tight airplane isles with this compact case, and the fact that it has wheels is only a bonus because after a long days flying the last thing you want to do is to have to carry a heavy case around! The Briggs and Riley is big enough to hold two suits and the front pouch can hold a large amount of accessories such as toothpaste and hairbrushes!

What are the positives?

The construction quality, the level of detail and the incredibly impressive warranty which come with this bag are what really make it stand out from the crowd. You can fit a lot of clothes into it for what is a small case and as carry on’s go you will struggle to find a better one!

What are the negatives?

None. There are absolutely no bad points to be found regarding this Briggs and Riley carry on case. Whilst this may sound absolutely preposterous it is true and that is why it is the bag to be promoted by Luggage on Tour.

What’s the conclusion? 

A lot of suitcases will last you for one or maybe two trips before disintegrating into nothing the next time you go to pack it. This is not the case for the Briggs and Riley. It is incredibly well build and the attention to detail has been second to none, so if you are off on your holidays then do take a close look!