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Chamberlain MYQ WD832KEV Garage Door Opener Review

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Having a garage to safely store the pride and joy that is your car away is all well and good but it is a bit of a pain having to get in and out of your vehicle to open your garage door whenever you want to use it. These days that need not be a worry as there are devices out there, namely electronic garage door openers, that will do this job for you at the click of a button. Now as you can probably imagine there are a lot of these machines out there, but today we are going to help you out by taking a look at the Chamberlain MYQ WD83KEV.

What features does it have?

To cut a long story short, an awful lot. To begin this garage door opener can be controlled via a mobile phone. This means that not only can you stay in your car to open the door, but you don’t even need a separate remote, it can all be done from the phone in your pocket. The engine that powers the whole system is ½ horse power and whilst you may think that is not a lot, it is more than enough to carefully open a garage door. This motor has also been designed to be ultra quiet when working, so even if you get in at 3am you won’t wake anyone else in the house up! Another clever feature that is incorporated into the machine is the 200 watt lights that turn on and off as and when they are needed.

What are the Positives?

The clever way that the designers have managed to integrate smart phone optional control into the whole system is impressive. The convenience this seemingly small thing provides is almost endless.  A second positive is the fact that the machine is noticeably quieter than its competitors thanks to the long rubber ribbon it uses instead of the more common metal rod. The last positive to mention is the lights which will come on when you trip the safety beam. These could be the difference between parking in the dark and parking safely! Should you want to take a closer look at some other garage door closing devices then you can do here at the Garage Automatics website.

What’s bad about it?

There are not too many complaints to be found with regards to the Chamberlain. Once customers have purchased it they seem very happy with it for the vast majority of the time. There is however one small issue that came up on an occasion and that was to do with the build quality of a couple of the parts in the machine were poor. This is not something to worry about though as it occurs in such isolation.


What you are looking at here is a machine which will help you open your garage door quickly, easily, and without even having to get out of your car. It may sound like a simple description but that is because it is exactly what it is. This is a no nonsense piece of kit that does exactly as it says on the tin!