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Conair 1875 Watt Dual Voltage Folding Handle Hair Dryer Review


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Traveling is easy, it’s the hassle of packing that people dread. You must have the appropriate clothes packed for the region that you are visiting, and all of the necessities that are needed for your day to day hygiene and care products. A hair dryer is a must for many men and women because it not only keeps their hair from dripping on themselves, but it also eliminates the possibility of mold in objects, such as your pillow, that your wet hair would have contact with.

Features and Functions

This handy 1875 watt hair dryer is ideal for traveling due to its ability to fold up and fit into your suitcase. Iconic technology is used with this unit with a total of two speed and heat settings. If you’re looking to create a unique style and need a burst of cold air, this Conair unit can do just that with the cool shot option. If you’re traveling out of your country, you can count on this hair dryer as it is dual wattage. Weighing approximately a pound, it is easy to use, move, and place inside anywhere, whether it be a travel bag for your bath products or your purse. More information can be found on hairdryersonline.com regarding this unit and several others.

The Strengths

Hair dryers have a purpose of drying hair, but some go above and beyond the regular calling. This dual wattage fold up hair dryer is definitely seeing many glowing reviews as it is compact and easy to travel with. It also helps that it can be used almost anywhere in the world. The drying aspect works wonderful with all types of hair and dries quickly and effectively. Consumers have reported that it is a quiet unit, unlike others that they have previously owned. The switch to activate the dual wattage is easy to change and hard to accidently hit, making it ideal for anywhere.


There are several strengths and even a few more weaknesses that can be found for this product. One major complaint deals with the dual wattage function as when it comes to traveling, it does not seem to switch properly. The plug fits into US sockets, meaning any traveling abroad must have the correct adapter, not converter, to fit into non-US sockets. With using it outside of the US, the only setting that seems to work, according to consumers, is the low voltage.

In Conclusion

Whether you are traveling out of the country or just a few hours down the road, this flip and store unit is a great addition to your suit case. You can easily flip it out, plug it up, and begin using straight out of your bag. It can also be a great gift for those who travel or someone who needs a smaller unit to store in a small space. The Conair hair drying unit is definitely one of a kind and most likely the easiest, compact hair dryer on the market.