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ProRower H2O RX-750 Rowing Machine


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Finally the feel and sound of rowing on the water can be replicated in your living room with this ProRower H2O RX-750, a water resistance machine that uses the company’s exclusive Hydro-Power Drive system, designed to give you the real feel of rowing without the hassle of heading out to your local lake with all that gear. The H2O  uses a polycarbonate water tank and internal paddle system to bring the lake to you and with the machine’s easy-to-read, oversized display panel, comfortable, ergonomically designed hand grip and fully adjustable, pivoting footrests, this one is duty built to give you the kind of workout you expect from a product of this size and capability. It even comes with a

lifetime manufacturer warranty, that’s how much confidence the folks at ProRower have in their machine, they know they built something special here and they know you’re going to love it.

Rowing on the Water at Home

The H2O uses water resistance to provide you with a comprehensive and challenging workout. But you may be wondering how that works exactly and will you get wet? ProRower has built a resistance system that utilizes a set of paddles which are held in a tank of water, which is where the resistance comes from.  Their Hydro-Power Drive system is built to react and behave as if you were rowing on the surface of the water for real and that makes the resistance fully adjustable. But you don’t need to adjust any settings or switch anything on or off, the resistance comes from how hard or soft you row. It reacts to the force of your workout, when you bring it hard the machine reacts in kind. Take it easy and the resistance eases up. You can also adjust the resistance by changing how much water is inside of the tank, by adding more you up the intensity and less makes things much lighter, of course.

Air vs. Water

Many of you might be familiar with air rowers but lack similar knowledge of a water rower. In essence, the two are very much the same in that both of them operate under the same concept of resistance adjust based upon user input. Water, much like air, is the main thrust behind the resistance output from the machine and it reacts to the intensity of the workout. The advantage to water rowers are two-fold, the first is that they are sometimes smoother to operate than air and the second is the noise they make, as water rowers are often quieter and some users enjoy the sound of the water as they row.  It brings a calming authenticity to the workout. To learn more about the differences between the two types of rowers Row Flow has you covered, just go to their site for all the details.

Summing Up

In addition to all of the many great features discussed, the H2O has been built to last under heavy duress. ProRower used top notch materials here, featuring a durable steel frame that comes with the lifetime warranty and a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. So you know you’re getting a machine that can handle the pressure. Add to that a water tank made of  polycarbonate and you can really put this one through all of the paces and it won’t yield. The ergonomic seat is well padded and comfortable with padded grips that are also comfortable enough for those longer routines. The H2O also comes with pivoting footrests and plenty of heel support.