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The Top 3 Traditional Waffle Makers for a Tasty Morning


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If push comes to shove, you can make a pancake on any old griddle. A little butter or non-stick spray, and you’re off and running. For a real waffle, though, it’s not enough to simply have the right batter – you’ve got to have a waffle iron, a specialized item of kitchenware which is designed to make delicious waffles for you and your family to enjoy. No other appliance will result in the same kind of light, crispy flavor and fluffy interior that you’re looking for in a real waffle.

How to Select a Waffle Maker

Choosing the right waffle maker isn’t hard… if you know where to look! Online reviews and blog sites are all well and good; a lot of people get their  news and information from them, but they’re entirely subject to personal opinion. As a result, people tend to disagree over fairly straightforward points. What we’ve done at deliciouswafflemakers.com is to comb through the most popular affiliate reviews for waffle makers, then present the particular offerings on which other reviewers seem to agree – however contentious they might be overall. We’ve done the legwork; all you have to do is find a waffle maker from our selection that fits your family size and other circumstances.

Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker

Cuisinart is such a well-established name for kitchenware that their brand is like a byword for convenient kitchen appliances; people use “my Cuisinart” the same way they’ll ask for “a Kleenex” or “a Tylenol.” It’s simply a given that Cuisinart produces quality products. Their classic round waffle maker makes large waffles, in seconds, with several pre-set modes for a variety of resulting textures and consistencies.

Chef’s Choice M840 WafflePro

The WafflePro produces uniquely shaped golden-brown waffles each and every time. Its delicious waffles can be separated into five individual heart-shaped portions, making for a quick grab-and-go treat or a convenient party platter for dipping. It adds a certain dimension to this already wholesome and healthy treat, and is particularly popular with children.

Coleman – The Go-to Name for Camping Supplies!

For delicious waffles, you can’t top Coleman. This traditional cast iron waffle maker is good for camping trips, but it works just as well on a modern electric range top – thanks to its flat construction. Models are available which cook two to four crisp, golden-brown waffles with delicious, fluffy interiors at a time. Its wooden handles allow it to be handled safely, and its cast iron construction makes for even heat distribution – producing consistent and uniform delights whenever you use it.

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Deliciouswafflemakers.com is your one-stop shop for delicious waffle makers (that is, they make delicious waffles; don’t eat the kitchenware). We’ve done the legwork of sifting through all of the extraneous information online – the ‘top five’ lists, and the ‘top tens’ that don’t share a single item in common – so that all you have to worry about is “how many people am I feeding, again?” If you think we’ve missed something, visit our website’s contact page, and send us an email to let us know!