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Top Business Benefits of Leasing a Printer August 2, 2018

While some people might think that buying a printer is the best option, leasing can be beneficial to the start-up or the consumer. When looking for the right printing equipment, it is vital that you do your homework first. Let us look at a few benefits to guide you when looking for the perfect printer to lease.

Leasing a Printer Frees Up Your Working Capital

Leasing a printer rarely requires you to pay a down payment, which means you can get new equipment without using the funds that you have reserved for other expenditures. As a start-up, upfront costs can limit the options you have as a business owner, while the monthly payments can easily accommodate your budget.

Preserving your working capital enables you to direct your money towards other business needs such as expansion plans or staff growth.

Keep Equipment Fresh

Leases on equipment run for a certain period, after which you take the equipment back to the leasing company. As a business looking for maximum output from your equipment, you can decide to plan the lease term to coincide with the time of replacement.

You can plan for new technology so that you don’t fall back on improvements in design and upgrades and features.

If you decide to buy as compared to leasing, you might find that you have to buy the printers after every short period to stay ahead of the technology. Leasing takes the burden of obsolescence off your back and puts it in the hands of the lessor. You are free to hire new and updated equipment once the lease expires. However, you need to work with a provider such as Needham Coding that regularly upgrades its printers.

Leasing Comes With Tax Benefits

The monthly payments on the lease can be written off as an operating expense in the business, and this means they can be deducted as a business expense on the tax returns. This reduces the amount you pay for the lease and adds to the savings that you have already enjoyed when you decide not to purchase.

Leasing Means No Repair Costs

The company leasing out the printer delivers the paper, ink and other consumables that the business needs each month, which saves you the time you would have spent going to the store. Additionally, the repair and maintenance of the printer are handled by the lessor, eliminating this cost from your budget.

Once you bundle all these costs into a single one, you can budget for the payments easily than simply buying the consumables each month.

It Eliminates the Burden of Disposal

Leasing a printer from a company that provides this service means you don’t have to worry about disposing of the printer. In the past, you could throw the worn out printers in the garbage. This is no longer the case because at the moment companies must comply with a host of regulations to make sure they dispose of the old printers in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Leasing means the burden of disposal is no longer your problem.

Ideal for People with Bad Credit

Typically, you obtain leases on CIJ printers much easily compared to obtaining loans for purchasing the printer. Besides, the leasing of equipment is more flexible than getting the loan. This is ideal for people with bad credit because this doesn’t provide a huge hindrance when procuring the lease.

The Bottom-line

Leasing of a CIJ printer allows you to save money for other tasks that are more crucial to the business, helping you to conserve capital when you need it the most. It also helps reduce the cost of operating the business.

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