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Travel Adversery September 6, 2017

Imagine yourself as a young teenager that just got his driving license, and the thrill of hitting the road as fast as you can. That was me I few years ago.

I hurriedly went to the next car yard and decided to hire a car for use for four days. You should prepare the people you would wish to visit so that they make arrangements for you coming. I hurriedly rang my mother and told her that I was coming over the weekend and with me will be my son and his mother. I will be the designated driver. You can easily relate that first-time drivers are not confident on the road and you will in most cases need a co-driver just for psychological support. By 10:00am we are all ready. I know you can associate with the excitement that I am currently having as I turn on the ignition and everyone is relying on me to get them to their destination.

We drove for roughly an hour before I realize that the road doesn’t belong to me alone but I have to be mindful of the other users as well.

You would be frightened if you heard the honks a trailer made as it sped past me. I was petrified and I almost swerved off the road. In a bend, I hit the wall and my mind jumping into panic mode, I almost halt in the middle of a 120mile per hour zone. Within the span of 15 seconds power lighting company truck almost rear head me but swerves precariously and narrowly misses our car. I hit the gas pedal and in a few meters, I am at the side of the road. The car is a wreck and I also do not have travel insurance .You can imagine none  of these events had been planned and equally I had not made any arrangements for such unforeseen events.

I still had a couple of hours to travel before getting home.

Everyone in the car is no longer sure with my driving skills, and no one wishes to continue the journey with me. A crowd has started gathering to the side and the murmuring in a language that is hardly comprehensible to myself. One gentleman boldly moves forward and starts shouting at me. From the look on his face, you can easily tell that as much as I have just been involved in an accident they will not just let me go unpunished psychologically. My mother on the other side has already established communication on the end with my wife whom I can hear talking to her through her mobile phone as she cries.

This car has to either go back to the car Yard immediately or take me home to see my mother and back.

A young man volunteers to drive us to our destination and for the first time in the last hour I feel relief all over myself. Fast forward to 6 hours later we are at home. I decided to unpack and you wont believe this! One of my bag is missing. I can drive back for an hour to go look for it at the place where we had our mishap. I immediately learn my lesson. You will appreciate the need to get insured before you travel and the level of peace of mind in case you need to make travel arrangements. If you make prior arrangements for having travel insurance  in place ahead of time can really be important. Not only does it give the people expecting you at the end of your travel some peace of mind, but can also assure you of comfort during your travel.

Once I was back at the car yard, not only was I scorned for having dented the car, I had to also dig deeper into my pocket to fix the repairs and it was quite a substantial amount. You do not need to have a similar experience, take the initiative and learn from mine.

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