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Why The Pearl Export Series is the Bestselling Drum Kit Series Ever October 28, 2017

If you’re like me, you’ve been curious about the Pearl Export Series for a while now. There is a lot of informative material out there about this series, which has been the number one selling drum set across the world for the past thirty years. Pearl certainly changed every single thing about the drumset industry, creating an affordable drum set available to the entire world for shipping out of the original chinese factory.

I kept reading up on the Pearl Export Series until a review on kickstartyourdrumming convinced me to try out their newest model. And boy, it didn’t disappoint. In fact, after trying out the Pearl EXX drum set, I know exactly why the export series has been the world leader all this time.

First of all, despite its beginner to semi professional status, this complete drumset looks and feels professional. When purchasing the EXX you can choose from multiple colored lacquer finishes or wraps to have something that best suits your style and the style of your music. The EXX set and supporting equipment is completely customizable. You can choose from different configurations bearing different numbers (EXX725 and EXX725S) which are set apart by different sized toms, although I have heard that they sound pretty much the same. You can also purchase electronic drumheads in both sizes if you want to mix it up a bit.

Second of all, the sound quality is amazing.  Now, I’m no professional (except in my dreams), but the EXX sounds much better than my original starter set. It has better tone, better resonance and the mahogany and poplar snares make for a deep and friendly sound. It’s a comfortable set to play on, and there’s something pretty special  about it. The brand name ‘Pearl’ is famous. It’s synonymous with the breakout and popularization of the Rock ‘n Roll movement, because back in the day there was only Pearl. You can almost taste the rich history of this company and all the passion that goes into making their high quality equipment as you play.

The durability of the Pearl Export Series is unmatched, with many of the original sets produced in the 80s still in use or available for purchase today. You can beat, smash, tap, and bang away on this set and it won’t be worse for it—in fact, it may add a nice little bit of ‘seasoning scuff’ to your set. The hardware is easy to set up and take down, and all the drum stands are double-braced for added support. You get an additional boom stand to mount a cymbal on (hallelujah!) with the purchase of the set. Along with the hardware comes the bass pedal, which is awesome to use and gives you a really professional sound. It should, being based off one of Pearl’s professional-level drum sets.

The Export Series is forever refining and updating, and this is also one one the reasons why the world loves Pearl so much. With every new set comes multiple upgrades, increasing performance and ease of play. The stand hardware is updated, the shells are hybrid, all the lugs are chrome—these things really add up, and Pearl just kind of spoils everyone with all the upgrades. They consistently prove themselves to be the best and most innovative supplier of drum sets, giving the sleekest and most modern equipment. They have a friendly website and supportive staff and offer a lifetime warranty on many products.

So basically, this is the complete package: you get the bass, snare, and 3 toms with all the hardware (cymbal stands as well) included. The only thing that you’ve got to buy on your own are the cymbals. You can choose to have extras added on as well, but you may want to explore this beauty before making additional purchases. The EXX is not the cheapest drum set out there. In fact, it’s up there in the price range of typical beginner to semi professional sets. But with Pearl you get what you pay for, and that means you’re getting something worth the price. The quality of sound and hardware as well as the durability of this drum set demonstrate why the Pearl Export Series has been the world’s number one for the past thirty years.

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